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Reduce theft, increase profit

The world’s most efficient system for detecting internal theft at retailer’s Points of Sale.

• Integrates cash register (POS) data and live video surveillance
• Software as a Service
• Payback in 3-7 months

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...and learn how StoreVision can protect your business from internal theft and process errors.

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System highlights

StoreVision’s solutions are offered as Loss Prevention-as-a-Service, where the retailer pays a monthly fee for use of the system.

System highlights


Integrate Data & Video
at the Point of Sale

StoreVision offers a solution that integrates data from the cash registers with live video from the surveillance system. All activities at each Point of Sale are synchronized and compiled in a data base.

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Data Mining System

The advanced search capabilities make it possible to identify any type of transaction, or combination of transactions, to detect a fraud or process error.

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Auditing Service

A team of experienced auditors continuously review POS transactions for multiple retailers. Transactions that do not conform to a client’s POS procedures, are quickly identified and reported back.

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Minimize business shrinkage

Retail shrinkage is defined as the difference in the value of stocks as per the books and the actual stocks available in the shop. StoreVision offers a unique tool to reduce shrinkage and thereby increase profit.

Our solution has been successfully implemented in various retail formats, demonstrating that shrinkage is a variable and controllable parameter.

Shoplifters: 43%

Employee theft: 35%

Internal errors: 16%

Vendors: 6%

Safe, swift and cost efficient

• Instant identification of fraud and errors
• Rapid economic payback (normally 3-7 months)
• No recruiting, training or retention costs
• Presents legal proof of theft or fraud
• Detects technical POS errors and malfunction

System Highlights

Short payback time, presents legal proof, instant detection…

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Marcus Strömbäck, CEO

Unique POS monitoring system

StoreVision is a global software company, with HQ in Sweden. Our business concept is to provide retailers with a unique POS monitoring system to reduce retail losses and increase revenues. Our proprietary software (StoreCtrl) combines live POS data with live CCTV video allowing auditors to create evidence based reports of process errors and fraudulent activity.

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