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In order to strengthen the Board of Directors for the future expansion, the company has appointed two new board members.


Bengt Bergström

Bengt has more than thirty-five years of experience in Telecoms, Utility, Computer and Application Industries in development, support, senior marketing, Engagement Partner, Business Development Executive, Client Executive and Managing Director positions complex Solution Sales at Tata Consultancy Services, IBM, Price Waterhouse, SAP, Ericsson and Norsk Data.


Peter Bondelid

Peter is currently working as CEO for the Swedish retail chain Brothers, and has previously had positions as Global Supply Chain Director for RNB Retail and Brands and Acting CEO for JC Jeans Company.

Storevision had appointed Marcus Strömbäck as the new CEO for the company to continue grow the business around the world. Marcus has an impressive international experience from sales and marketing. He previously worked as Key Account Director for the Swedish payment solutions company iZettle and has had positions as Key Account Manager for Carlsberg breweries and sales manager for MTG Viasat in the Baltic region.

Pontus Lesse will continue to serve the company as a board member and investor.

One of the key strengths of Storevision’s service is to have a centralized audit centre that services all customers around the world. Romania was selected because of a highly skilled workforce with superior language skills.

This centre will handle the auditing of all POS transactions from customers around the world, as well as centralized IT-support.

Gouda, November 2013 – Centric has strengthened its position in retail by entering into a collaboration with StoreVision, a supplier of software aimed at detecting theft and the prevention of fraud and process errors. Ferry Kalfsvel (director Centric Supply Chain Solutions) and Pontus Lesse (CEO StoreVision) recently signed a contract that officially confirms the cooperation.

Retailers are continuously facing further decreases in turnover. The Swedish company StoreVision offers a simple yet powerful tool that gives retailers insight in the causes of (internal) theft, process errors and fraud. The tool collects all checkout transactions from the POS and couples these to live video surveillance and automatically recognizes irregular transactions. These irregularities can be reviewed frame by frame, enabling retailers to take action against fraud and errors.

The agreements states that Centric may now resell StoreVision’s tool under the name Centric InPos Control. Ferry Kalfsvel: “StoreVision’s results in other countries are outstanding. By combining this system with our knowledge and experience in the field of POS-solutions, we will be able to help our customers to minimize losses caused by derving.

StoreVision works together with partners in different countries. “We have chosen Centric as our partner in the Netherlands because of the company’s extensive retail knowledge and client base.

Ondertekening Storevision_klein2 The contract  was signed by Ferry Kalfsvel (left), director Centric Supply Chain Solutions, and Pontus Lesse, CEO StoreVision (right).

StoreVision has opened a new subsidiary in Cape Town and thereby expanded its global presence

South Africa is a dynamic retail market, which has shown extensive growth during the last ten years. However, the country also has one of the highest retail shrinkages in the world. With StoreVision’s software solutions in place this is about to change.

With the opening of a new office in South Africa, StoreVision will be able to get local presence in the South African retail market, with one of the highest shrinkage numbers in the world according to the Retail Theft Barometer, the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of the issue of retail shrink.

“This is a very exciting move for StoreVision as we see great potential in this rapidly increasing market”, says Pontus Lesse, CEO of StoreVision. “It is also a great chance for us to get entry into the rest of the huge African market.”

With the establishment of a new Turkey subsidiary, StoreVision gets access to one of Europe’s key markets for StoreVision’s solutions and services.

Turkey is a dynamic retail market with one of the highest retail shrinkage numbers in the world according to the Retail Theft Barometer.
With the new Turkish subsidiary, located in Istanbul, StoreVision continues its expansion in Europe. The Turkish market is very vibrant and according to the Global Retail Development IndexTM, the Turkish retail market shows great potential and especially in Istanbul and other major Turkish cities, the propensity to consume is constantly growing. However, the growth has also led to very high shrinkage numbers and Pontus Lesse, CEO of StoreVision, sees great possibilities for StoreVision’s solutions:

“By opening a local office, we can provide extensive service and build closer relationships with retailers in Turkey and other markets in the region. We believe that our customers will notice a significant change with our local presence and, of course, our solutions in place.”

StoreVision is very pleased to welcome Iwan Evans aboard as new partner and director of StoreVision

Iwan Evans is a former CEO of AS Watson in Hong Kong, one of the largest retailers of the word. He has 30 years of experience of the retail field in the UK and Asia and will contribute with an extensive retail network in Asia.

Iwan Evans is a very well known name in the Asian retail market and he has a wealth of experience within the field. The announcement of Iwan Evans as partner and director of StoreVision is according to Pontus Lesse, CEO of StoreVision, a clear confirmation that StoreVision is on right track with its software solutions and services for reducing the shrinkage numbers for retail companies.

“Our cooperation with Iwan Evans has already taught us a lot about the Asian retail market. To get access to the information and the experience that Iwan Evans possesses is extremely valuable. We could not have found a better partner and director for StoreVision and look forward to leverage our partnership and collaboration”, concludes Pontus Lesse.

In May 2013, StoreVision opened a new office in Hong Kong to better be able to serve the Asian market with local presence in the region.

The new office is an important strategic step for StoreVision, which now gets easier access to the rapidly growing Asian market where the potential for new customers is huge.

The retail market in Asia is growing fast and shows no signs of slowing down. And with a growing number of retailers in place, the shrinkage numbers will continue to increase. StoreVision, with the world’s most efficient system for detecting internal theft at retailer’s Points of Sale, will definitely not be out of business.

“Our new office in Hong Kong is a fantastic addition to the StoreVision family”, says Pontus Lesse, CEO of StoreVision. “With presence now both in Europe, Africa and in the vast Asian market, StoreVision can really start to think globally and continue to grow market shares and fulfil customers all over the world.”