In May 2013, StoreVision opened a new office in Hong Kong to better be able to serve the Asian market with local presence in the region.

The new office is an important strategic step for StoreVision, which now gets easier access to the rapidly growing Asian market where the potential for new customers is huge.

The retail market in Asia is growing fast and shows no signs of slowing down. And with a growing number of retailers in place, the shrinkage numbers will continue to increase. StoreVision, with the world’s most efficient system for detecting internal theft at retailer’s Points of Sale, will definitely not be out of business.

“Our new office in Hong Kong is a fantastic addition to the StoreVision family”, says Pontus Lesse, CEO of StoreVision. “With presence now both in Europe, Africa and in the vast Asian market, StoreVision can really start to think globally and continue to grow market shares and fulfil customers all over the world.”