StoreVision is very pleased to welcome Iwan Evans aboard as new partner and director of StoreVision

Iwan Evans is a former CEO of AS Watson in Hong Kong, one of the largest retailers of the word. He has 30 years of experience of the retail field in the UK and Asia and will contribute with an extensive retail network in Asia.

Iwan Evans is a very well known name in the Asian retail market and he has a wealth of experience within the field. The announcement of Iwan Evans as partner and director of StoreVision is according to Pontus Lesse, CEO of StoreVision, a clear confirmation that StoreVision is on right track with its software solutions and services for reducing the shrinkage numbers for retail companies.

“Our cooperation with Iwan Evans has already taught us a lot about the Asian retail market. To get access to the information and the experience that Iwan Evans possesses is extremely valuable. We could not have found a better partner and director for StoreVision and look forward to leverage our partnership and collaboration”, concludes Pontus Lesse.