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What is shrinkage?

The percentage of loss of products between manufacture and Point of Sale is referred to as shrinkage (or sometimes just shrink). The average shrink percentage in the retail industry is somewhere between 1% and 2% of sales. The following numbers are taken from The Global Retail Theft Barometer 2011 (Centre for Retail Research):

Total global shrinkage in 2011 cost retailers in 43 countries US$ 119,092 billion, equivalent to 1.45% of their retail sales (in 2010 the numbers were US$ 108,092 billion for total global shrinkage, equivalent to 1,36% of their retail sales).

Shoplifters 43%
Employee theft 35%
Internal errors 16%
Vendors 6%

Anomalies and suspected frauds are reported back to retailer.

Data from the retailer’s cash registers, synchronized with live video from the surveillance system.

We offer a simple solution

While there are numerous ways to cope with shrinkage caused by shoplifters and vendors, it’s more difficult to prevent employee theft and internal errors. With StoreVision’s solution however, retailers all over the world have a simple and powerful tool to act against internal losses.

The services offered by StoreVision not only helps to detect and resolve transaction and process errors, it also has a deterrent effect that contributes to minimize fraud and theft. StoreVision’s services are, simplified, described to the right. For a detailed description of the different parts of the system, please visit the sections Software Solution and Auditing Service. You can also learn more about StoreVision by watching our videos at System Demos.

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