Plug & Play

Our great advantage

The great advantage with StoreVision’s concept is that the solution is offered as a service, which rules out the retailers need for purchasing equipment or hiring/training staff.

In collaboration with the retailer, StoreVision’s consultants advice on what POS transactions to pinpoint. The selected transactions are then downloaded every night to StoreVision’s Audit Centre, where our experienced team of professional auditors continously review POS transactions for multiple clients. All anomalies are quickly identified and reported back to the client.

The report comprise both video based evidence and a copy of the POS data showing the transactions.

• Specialized, experienced staff
• Dedicated full-time auditors
• Tailor-made solutions
• Consistent performance
• Third Party investigation
• Cost efficiency
• Test bed for new methods and applications
• No recruiting, training or retention cost

Tell us about your challenge!

Are you running a retail store, supermarket and your weekly numbers don’t add up?