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The heart of the Storevision solution is a proprietary software, StoreCtrl. Once installed, StoreCtrl collects all transactions from the cash registers and matches them with digital video images using a time stamp. StoreCtrl also contains a data mining function that makes it possible to study the POS data from different angles, for example by inserting specific criteria and filters (e.g. refunds, discounts, manual discounts, voided transactions, voided items, item description, open drawer). Together with the customer, Storevision’s experts decide which filters are appropriate for that specific customer’s operation. StoreVision’s solutions are offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), where the retailer pays a monthly fee for use of the system. Currently, StoreCtrl can interface to some 40 POS systems.

System highlights • It takes on average 5 seconds to view each transaction • It takes on average 5 minutes to provide conclusive evidence • The only system to retrieve pre and post transaction data and video • Capable of interfacing with all legacy POS systems              • PCI compliant               • Operating independently to the retailer’s POS system • Numerous combinations of filters to analyze POS data • Ability to determine scan gaps

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